Plugs, Play, Pedagogy

Plugs, Play, Pedagogy

Teaching writing and rhetoric in the 21st century

Episode 12: Video Didn't Kill the Composition Student

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Plugs, Play, Pedagogy

Episode 12: Video Didn't Kill the Composition Student

Transcript available as a Google Doc here; check it out for more links, and feel free to comment on anything that needs comments.

Produced and recorded by Kyle Stedman (; @kstedman), assistant professor of English at Rockford University, in cooperation with KairosCast and Writing Commons.

This episode is co-edited with John Silvestro from Miami University, @j_silvestro,

Part 1: Interview with Jason Palmeri

Jason Palmeri, @jasonpalmeri, is associate professor of English and Director of Composition at Miami University and author of Remixing Composition.

Jason and John chat about how Jason got into teaching video, some of his assignments, and some of the theories that undergird his practice. Plus, they're both nice and fun.

Part 2: Scripting Our Way to Video

Next, John and Kyle talk about John's assignment of having students write scripts for movies that they don't actually produce. You'll hear two examples of those written scripts read aloud for the show by John and Sally Neidhard. And we talk about how kind of weird that is; Sergei Eisenstein is invoked.

See the show transcript for lots of links and for the exact scripts the students wrote.

Part 3: Crystal's Review of Video Scholarship

Finally, Crystal VanKooten, assistant professor of writing and rhetoric at Oakland University (@crystalvk), discusses some fundamental scholarship on video and composition. Including:


End Matter

The show is licensed by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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