Plugs, Play, Pedagogy

Plugs, Play, Pedagogy

Teaching writing and rhetoric in the 21st century

Attack of the Cloned Teaching Statements

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In search of answers to why teaching philosophy statements bother me so much, I share insights from three experts on the subject: Laura Runge from University of South Florida, Karen Kelsky from, and Kathie Gossett from Iowa State University. We cover various rhetorical stances, a few practical suggestions, angles for digital scholars, and explore the dingy tunnels underneath YOUR university--weird, huh?

Setting Up Class

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Kyle Stedman hears from various teachers about how they use digital technology to prepare for the beginning of the semester--including stories of techniques that worked and those that didn't.

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A playful, collaborative, monthly podcast on teaching writing and rhetoric in the 21st century

Hosted by Kyle Stedman, Rockford University

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